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about 4 years ago

We are excited to welcome you in 16 days! Register your team now...

We are excited to welcome you….in 16 days!

It's time to register your team and project. We have opened submissions, and you should create yours now.

Why you should do this now:

  • This is the official and only way to register your team and join a track.

  • It helps us to prepare the tracks including their mentors, space and any special facilities the tracks offer.

  • It can help you find teammates who are interested to join your project when they see your idea.

Note that:

  • You can (and should) update all details about your submission later. It is how you will submit your work at the end of the hackathon. For now it's just important that you register your project name, track and teammates.

  • The actual coding happens on the event 19th/20th of October, nothing has changed there.

What you should do:

  1. Go to the Diffusion registration site on Devpost

  2. Use the button "Get started"

  3. Create your project and give it a name

  4. Fill in the required tagline and description. You can give as much or as little detail as you want here, just use the text "placeholder" if you don't want to add anything.

  5. Choose your track (these are on the Diffusion site for reference

  6. Choose any technologies you intend to build on

  7. Invite your teammates. Make sure you use the email address they have used to register with Devpost.

  8. Complete the submission

Talks and workshop agenda will be on the site by the end of the week, we have an epic list of speakers and you can attend all of them for free during the weekend. 

To stay up to date on Diffusion and all updates please join our Telegram channel:

To start getting up to speed with all of the documentation head to our GitHub:


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.