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almost 4 years ago

Apply to our new Berlin based Web 3 accelerator Base Camp

Hi all, we are kicking off the second month of 2020 with some updates. We are getting set to kick off the second Base Camp accelerator cohort in London in March. And we will be doubling down on it. As a result, we are expanding outside of the UK. After a successful launch of the accelerator in London last fall, we decided to join the Berlin scene.

It’ll be a 12-week program based in Berlin and starting in the summer where we provide:

  • €40,000 cash at program start
  • bespoke program lined up with your startup’s business goals
  • cash infusion at the beginning of the program, 
  • office space, legal and back-office support, 
  • world-class mentors from web3, corporate and startup backgrounds.

The focus is on the convergence of decentralised tech and:

  • Machine to machine
  • Fintech and DeFi
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Identity
  • Networking

Apply now until the end of March!

Also please help us spread the word and share the link below with friends.

We recommend submitting as soon as you can as we will soon start reviewing. Get some head start here:


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.