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about 3 years ago

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We have been building a platform of events and content called Diffusion to onboard new developers and entrepreneurs into ‘Web 3’ and to address pressing problems around internet usability and interoperability.

We've launched a weekly podcast series on iTunes called ‘Founders of Web 3’ hosted by Outlier Founder & CEO Jamie Burke who provides insightful interviews with the founders and entrepreneurs, their investors and the policymakers that are shaping Web 3. 


Building on the success of Diffusion 2019 which hosted 600 attendees in Berlin, and reached over 3 million people online, we’re also running a virtual free one-day event on May 28th:

We are in the middle of an exciting new phase of the Web, increasingly referred to as Web 3.  One distinct from and disruptive to the current internet that is dominated by a handful of web platforms. Why does the internet still look the same as it has for the last decade, its problems seemingly getting worse and why are we stuck repeating the same old conversations around privacy and security, centralised vs decentralised solutions? The problem is the ‘Web 3 industry’ is still fragmented and insular, with too few entrepreneurs, let alone developers, that understand how its technologies can both disrupt, transform and most importantly enable entirely new markets.  

To meet this challenge we're launching the Diffusion platform which will provide insights, interviews, and perspectives from around the world to help try to solve some of these challenges. 


Founders of Web 3 Podcast Series 

With over 25 shows recorded, the series will launch with an initial 8 episodes. The show will uniquely focus on their intimate journey as founders exploring the nuances and challenges of being an innovator and entrepreneur in Web 3 and inspiring insights into their motivations and purpose.   

  1. Blitzscaling In Web 3, CZ of Binance

  2. Building a Web 3 Stack From Scratch, Muneeb Ali of Blockstack

  3. Timing Innovation in Web 3, Brock Pierce of Block One

  4. Scaling a Web 2.5 Unicorn For Enterprise, David Rutter of R3

  5. Finding Purpose in Web 3, Rene Reinsberg of Celo

  6. Privacy & Collaborative Learning in Web 3, Can Kisagun of Enigma

  7. Onboarding The 99% of Developers Into Web 3, Illia Polosukhin of NEAR

  8. Long-Tail Economics & Mainstreaming Web 3, Eyal Hertzog of Bancor

Please download, review and rate the episodes above, we’re really keen to have your feedback. 


Diffusion Digital event - May 28th 

The focus of the virtual, one-day event is to explore a pragmatic pathway from Web 2 to Web 3, bringing together different communities in the ecosystem to participate in talks and panel discussions over the course of the day featuring industry leaders from: 

Accenture, Agoric, Chainlink, BNP Paribas, Brave software, Tendermint, Fenbushi, Hyperledger, Celo and Cosmos to name a few. 

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If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.